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What We Do And Who We Help

Environmental One provides environmental evaluation, consultation, and contracting services in Southern California.  Our services address personal and business risk for a wide range of environmental concerns associated with real estate transactions, loan processing, demolition and renovation projects, and regulatory compliance matters.

Our clients include homeowners, commercial property owners and managers, contractors, developers, lending institutions, local municipalities, governmental agencies, and other environmental services companies.  We have provided services in both the public and private sectors for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


How We Think

Environmental One takes pride in providing our clients with professional, timely, accurate, and affordable services.  We strive to serve our clients beyond their expectations.  We operate the company with integrity and our clients can be ensured that their best interests are put ahead of our bottom line.


Why We Can Help You

We are able to provide environmental consulting services and regulatory guidance from the beginning of a project until "a clean bill of health" for the property is attained.  If we feel we won't be able to serve your needs, we'll refer you to a company that can.

Our environmental consulting services include:

Our environmental contracting services include:


Contact Us

Let us know about your upcoming projects or if you have any questions regarding the services we provide - we would be happy to hear from you.    Click here to email us and for additional contact information or call us toll    free at 1-888-ONE-1181 (1-888-663-1181).