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Industrial wastewater interceptors are typically found at automobile-related facilities, paint facilities, or any other facility that requires the pretreatment of rinsate and wastewater prior to that wastewater being discharged into the sewer system. Wastewater interceptors often contain three or four compartments, each of which progressively treats the wastewater. The system works by allowing pollutants and solids to settle or float while cleaner water continues on through the system. The interceptors reduce the amount of unwanted sludge and hazardous material from entering downstream sewer lines.

Solvents, metals and various petroleum hydrocarbon products enter the system as owners and operators wash their floors or clean equipment. Over time, like other plumbing systems, pipes, elbows, and cracks can occur which allow pollutants to enter the subsurface. Like underground hydraulic hoists and underground storage tanks, industrial wastewater interceptors are a potential environmental liability for facility owners and operators.

During property transfers, soils adjacent to industrial wastewater interceptors should be assessed to determine if any unseen damage to the interceptor has resulted in a contaminant release. Periodic visual inspection is sometimes not enough to assure a liquid-tight system. 


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